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tv   Book Discussion  CSPAN  December 25, 2014 12:24am-1:17am EST

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done by the university of virginia. so think of that. research is so much easier now than it has been before. i was chairman of the national endowment for the humanities for a time and i used to be appalled at some of the things we funded. but if they were into increase the endowment's budget so they could make the funding of the founder's papers and digitizing them so citizens could have ready access i think that would be a good expenditure. you know frank i can't give you a serious answer. i just have to think about what i would ask madison semi-on serious question is i would say how tall were you? this has been disputed. someone said 5 feet 4 inches and his favorite aide said no 5 feet 6 inches and there was confusion on whether the aid was trying to be flattering. you know i am 5 feet tall and i think 5 feet 4 inches would have been just fine.
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>> a young man who studied in singapore and is a student at pepperdine university. >> my name is jacob young. pertaining to james madison wife is their particular piece that many of the history books are missing what you think there's not enough information on or you'd be interested in learning more about? >> there were two things that really stuck out to me as i went through, personal things. this whole idea that he was shy as a 20th century invention. his contemporaries said nothing nothing about that. they noted that he was a canny politician who had learned the trade of not speaking before you needed to, being respect are full to your elders when you are young politician, of not speaking carelessly. madison spent a great deal of his life cleaning up after jefferson who was -- carelessly the fact that he wasn't shy. i spent a lot of time showing in
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the book that in fact he wasn't and then the sickly thing, that was really important to get rid of this meth that he was so burdened by his help at all times that he could barely get out of bed. you just can't see this vital politician is a man who was that when they think the idea that being shy and sickly has damaged his reputation and i hope my book will do something to restore it. >> the gentleman from orange california with a quickie. >> mr. vice president where did you guys go on your first date? [laughter] >> oh well. [laughter] we actually went to a formal. one of the high school girls social clubs. we went with good friends and lynne did wear an amazing read
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formal gown. afterwards we stopped at what in caspers referred to as ceo. >> oh scott. [laughter] >> now it gets better. we hadn't been there very long when we discovered that some friends of ours including i think some who dated berlin before i did had snuck up and let the air out of the tires on our car. so we spent a lot of time creeping back down to the filling stations we could get air in the tires and we were in danger of violating lens curfew. >> we have violated it. >> so i was very concerned at that point that we have violated the curfew the first date and i knew i would be in trouble with somebody. the great thing about it in retrospect was lynne's mother was the secretary to the police
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chief in casper wyoming. we didn't make the move that might that hadn't been reported to her at home. [laughter] >> one last question from a student from chapman university. >> can you share some of the influential authors that would have influenced james madison's writings? >> i'm sorry the microphone wasn't close enough and i could not hear. >> can you share what would be some of the most influential authors and changing his beliefs? >> he had of classical education and in the run-up to the constitutional convention he undertook a study project reading classical accounts of previous attempts at establishing a republic. and he saw where they had gone astray and that helps inform his proposal of the constitutional
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convention so classical sources were important to him. but practical sources were important as well. he not only wrote what had happened to past republics, he wrote what was wrong with the current one and that he had learned from serving in state government, serving in the continental congress. he not only undertook this philosophical exploration, he undertook an understanding of the art of politics. he was a genius at both ends of his reading was part of that. his reading is like montesquieu but also his practical experience was crucial to his successes. >> ladies and gentlemen let's think the cheneys for this great presentation. [applause] i want to thank
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